Case Studies

Learn how others use Skreens. Our case studies demonstrate Skreens solutions applied in various settings. Some applications of our products include Tradeshows, Education, Defense, Real Estate, Call Centers/Emergency Response scenarios and much more.

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A $3B multinational technology company used Skreens to create a consistent look and feel on all the demo stations in their tradeshow booth. Skreens enabled the displays to seamlessly combined corporate messaging, videos and PC demonstrations all on one monitor.

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A major national research university needed to simplify the classroom AV setup. They use Skreens to easily pull up a Skreens layout displaying any combination of in room inputs. The IT department further simplified the control of the system using the Skreens the RESTful API to control Skreens layouts. Now professors can go to easy to use webpage and control all in room resources.

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Office of the Future

Major US-based defense contractor designed an office of the future in one of their divisional offices. They installed lobby monitors and Skreens units to show 3 levels of detailed information: national news via CNN, company information through their internal video feed, and team performance charts.

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Real Estate

Large real estate developer used Skreens in the lobby of their latest high rise luxury condo building to communicate building events and information. They combined a live TV feed with local web content to deliver commuter info, entertainment options, and more to residents and visitors.

The developer also created a Smarthome upgrade package for rental and condo units using Skreens. These give residents a premium home entertainment solution with building information like lobby cam alerts.


Video Editing

An Athletics Performance Center uses Skreens to help superimpose stance and motion with data information layer to help instruction and improve athlete performance.


Digital Signage

Skreens enabled in new innovative startup the ability to provide transit information and TV on one screen. The company installs Skreens enabled systems in high traffic areas of buildings to display latest bus, train, and car share schedules. Skreens ability to show both schedule updates along with local TV news broadcasts keeps commuters attention on the display.


Call Centers & Emergency Response

• Large regional ambulance operator uses Skreens to show info from multiple proprietary monitoring systems on a single screen. They used Skreens API to change layouts based on event triggers to focus dispatcher attention on the most important inputs.

• A local municipality in the Southwestern United States created a multi-screen layout using Skreens and streams the layout to other offices in the community. This gives other city offices instant access to Local emergency response screens.

• A major metropolitan Fire Department used Skreens to outfit their mobile response units during the annual festival weekend event attended by over 1 million visitors.



Web streamers - on topics ranging from Corporate IT to video gaming - use Skreens to build and stream out custom layouts showing video and web content on the same screen.

Large houses of Worship in Los Angeles and Texas use Skreens to send out video of their worship service displaying the multiple camera angles of the service and references to accompanying religious passages.

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