Creating and working with Layouts

At the core of all Skreens products is the concept of ‘layouts.’  Layouts can be thought of as a situational positioning of the inputs (via HDMI) and/or web pages on a display, along with an associated background image.  A Skreens box can store virtually an unlimited number of layouts, but typically only a handful are required.  

Layouts are created using a tablet or computer connected to the device via a web-page and are stored locally on each box.  They can also be easily copied and moved between boxes via the cloud.

Changing a background layout is very easy and is done using the Skreens controller in creator mode via a web browser or Android/iOS app. The background supports three different modes of display: setting a background color, uploading and using an image, or displaying an image from an external webpage.  


  • You can upload any image file to your Skreens to use for a background.  Common image formats such as JPEG, PNG or BMP are all supported.  You can easily manage background images on the device from the controller menu – upload, delete, tile, stretch and center are a few supported functions. You can upload as many as you like… within reason!
  • If you use a URL or webpage as the background image, make sure it’s’ a static image.  Dynamic webpages should be added using the ‘Add webpage’ function in the main controller window.  
  • The background (if it’s a color, image or webpage) is considered the same priority as other web-pages when X-ray or Chroma Key are enabled.  You can find out about these function in our USer Guide and we will cover then in future blog posts.  
  • Oh and don’t forget to save your layout after you configure your background!